About Us

Our Mission: 

To provide healthy food and aid to vulnerable communities in crisis.

Our Vision

A world where rebuilding is a healthy and collective responsibility.


We believe rebuilding is more than swinging hammers. Rebuilding after disaster is about bringing communities back together and removing stresses on survivors. It is about providing nutritious foods, critical sanitation, and fortifying products in times of crisis.


We believe individual and community health are keys to rebuilding. Through its kitchen and distribution model, GAP delivers wholesome food for the masses, sources organic options when possible, and provides a space where humans can heal through community.

Collective Responsibility:

We believe it is the collective responsibility of all of us to help our communities in times of crisis. Our goal at GAP is to create a unique partnership of shared responsibility between conscious companies, philanthropic donors, disaster relief organizations, and dedicated volunteers.

We Believe Kitchens Should:

  • Keep the human in humanitarian efforts.

  • Heal through healthy, quality foods.  

  • Provide spaces where humans heal through community.

  • Feed humans hot food at a scalable cost.

  • Create meaningful, fun volunteer opportunities.

  • Help the overlooked and underserved.

We Believe Distribution Should: 

  • Fill GAPS in disaster relief.

  • Focus extra food from brands into healing relief.

  • Partner with brands and recognize them for their effort.

  • Coordinate a new model joining brands together to help.

  • Build alternative grassroots solutions to complicated problems.

  • Help the overlooked local agents succeed.

We Believe the Disaster Response Community Should:

  • Support grassroots and community-led relief efforts.

  • Maintain symbiotic relationships.

  • Collaborate with FEMA, NVOAD, and other relief organizations.

  • Engage the private sector’s resources and expertise.

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  • Camp Fire Recovery, Northern CA
  • Hurricane Michael Recovery
  • Hurricane Florence Recovery
  • WI Flood Relief
  • CA Wildfire Relief
  • Hurricane Irma, FL