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We believe real healing starts at the community level.

Join us to amplify your good work.

  • You’ll receive resources and support from leading conscious companies.


  • We connect you with a grassroots community of disaster relief experts.

Gain Resources

  • Get products for your relief efforts.
  • Receive financial support from GAP.
  • Benefit from distribution and logistics support.

Join the Community

  • Collaborate with like-minded grassroots organizations.
  • Embrace good energy through hard work to heal people.
  • Get connected to leading conscious companies.

Build Capacity

  • Learn from grassroots disaster relief experts.
  • Navigate the FEMA and NVOAD communities.
  • Create a relationship with partner brands.

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  • Camp Fire Recovery, Northern CA
  • Hurricane Michael Recovery
  • Hurricane Florence Recovery
  • WI Flood Relief
  • CA Wildfire Relief
  • Hurricane Irma, FL